About Us

GolfBooking is a user-friendly and robust cloud-based system that integrates directly into your existing website to allow customers to book tee-times online (with optional pre-payments or credit card holds via Stripe, a trusted payment platform). Additionally, it gives your staff an intuitive platform for managing tee sheets, generating financial, and customer reports for your virtual golf simulator establishment.

This company has been providing a high quality booking platform since 2017, being incorporated since September of 2018. Our purpose for starting GolfBooking was that there were very limited booking software options that were tailored for indoor golf facilities. We knew that through innovative and easy-to-use software, we would be able to contribute something positive to the indoor golf and entertainment industry.

Our Culture

Here at GolfBooking, we wanted to define our company’s culture through various statements. This is something that has been developed and built over the last five years through our product/services. Listed below are the three core statements that we believe help provide a framework for what GolfBooking is and what we represent.

Mission Statement

GolfBooking’s mission is “to provide an innovative and easy-to-use booking platform, with a focus on operational efficiency.”

This statement is significant for our organization’s day-to-day operations, it helps define our purpose as a company, and how we serve our customers. Through this mission, we aim to incorporate our values, achieve our vision, and overall provide a framework for what GolfBooking represents.

Vision Statement

GolfBooking’s vision is “to be the most recognizable management platform within the indoor golf and entertainment industry.”

This statement is significant as it is the anchor point of our strategic framework. It helps define our purpose as a company and what we ultimately want to achieve. We aim to incorporate our values and use our mission as a guiding statement for successfully attaining this vision.

Core Values

Customer-Centric: We are committed to being a customer-centric organization by effectively tailoring our platform to our customers’ wants and needs.

Innovation: We are committed to consistent implementation of creative and innovative ideas that add value to our organization and our customers.

Teamwork: We are committed to being an organization that fosters teamwork through collaboration with our customers.

Excellence: We are committed to providing exceptional experiences to both our customers and their customers.

This statement is significant as it helps define a multitude of ways that we serve our employees, clients, and others within the indoor golf and entertainment industry. These are clearly stated ideals about our organization’s vision and mission that will aid us in providing a framework for our culture.