A Better Way To Manage Golf Simulator Tee Times

GolfBooking is a user-friendly and robust cloud-based system that integrates directly into your existing website to allow customers to book tee-times online (with optional pre-payments or credit card holds), and gives your staff an easy-to-use platform for managing tee sheets, and generating financial and customer reports for your virtual golf simulator establishment.


There are a number of features that make GolfBooking easy to use, including a customer booking system integrated into your existing website (with payment options), drag & drop tee sheet management, variable rates, customer confirmations via email and SMS, density reports, booking logs, digital waiver system access, and much more.

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Customer Booking Interface
Dashboard with Financial and Booking Statistics
Tee Sheet Manager with Drag & Drop


We offer a variety of pricing structures with our Starter, Business, and Enterprise packages. For a list of features and pricing for each package, visit our Pricing page.


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