This section has been created to make your GolfBooking experience more efficient with the accessibility to these resources. We have created a plethora of tutorial videos for a wide array of topics that will provide substance for our current clients and other interested businesses. As the weeks and months progress, we will determine what aspects within our software create uncertainty and confusion, then develop tutorials accordingly. There are some videos displayed below; however, you can also visit our YouTube channel with the link below to watch them as well!

Full Demo of the GolfBooking Software

In this tutorial video, we go through the whole GolfBooking platform and providing information for each concept within.

Time Stamps

0:08 Customer View 2:18 Admin Dashboard 3:06 Admin Reservation Sheet 4:06 Admin Reservation 6:08 How to Edit/Move Reservations 7:57 Booking Logs 8:23 Digital Waivers 8:40 Seach: Customers, Payments & Reservations 9:44 Bay & Bay Categories 10:46 Pricing 11:35 Scheduled & Quick Overrides 13:01 Scheduled Templates 15:00 Statuses 15:30 Data Exports 15:50 Payment Settings 16:08 Settings 17:28 Users

Quick Overrides

In this tutorial video, we go over the basic functionality of quick overrides and what they are best used for.

Customer Search Feature

In this tutorial video, we go over the customer search feature within the GolfBooking software. This feature allows you to look at previous customer’s information (email, phone number, etc.), you are able to relay booking information to customer if needed, it is helpful in assessing credit card holds and you can see all of the customer’s previous bookings.

Customer Bookings

In this tutorial video, we go over customer bookings and how to effectively navigate through our software.


In this tutorial video, we go over pricing and how you can optimize it for your business.

Bays/Bay Categories

In this tutorial video, we go over the customization within bays/bay categories and how you can utilize this feature.