Payment Integration Is Here!

The new payment integration tool was introduced to help in reducing the amount of lost revenue for virtual golf centres due to cancellations and no-shows. Both the credit card hold and full payment tool allows the owner to receive some compensation should the customer not show up or cancel last minute. Below are the features of the payment tool:


  • Control the exact percentage the customer pays before showing up
  • Additionally, control the exact percentage hold that is placed on the customer’s credit card
  • Have the ability to capture the credit card hold at anytime from the tee sheet should the customer cancel or not show up
  • The credit card hold automatically expires after 7 days, so no need to cancel the hold if the customer shows up and pays
  • Change the tax % depending on what province/state you are in
  • The Payment feature is completely optional and can be disabled during less busy months then enabled again
  • Disclaimer for employees before booking a customer reminding to get the customer’s permission before entering their payment information

The Trusted Stripe Payment System

The payments are completed by the trusted stripe platform. With any transaction, there will be a 3.9% as well as a $0.30 transaction fee through our payment integration system with Stripe. Stripe is a leader in the payment processing industry and our clients can be sure that their money, as well as their clients’, is safe.